About me

My name is Mario and I live in The Netherlands. Ever since I was a small boy, I was interested in American cars, especially the muscle cars got my attention. Later on, I focused my car addiction to Corvette because of it’s rich history. If you want to know more about me, visit my personal website. Here you can also find the Corvettes I own(ed).

I love the Corvette for many reasons. First of all, the car has an amazing history, as you can see on this site. Second of all, the car is very fast but also very affordable. It can compete with other legendary cars like Porsche and even Ferrari and Lamborghini at a fraction of the cost. Especially the recent models like the ZR1 can take on their competitors with ease and receive lot’s of credit by the car press doing so.

My personal favorites are:
- C7 Z06 convertible
- C4 ZR-1, the King of the Hill,
- Callaway SuperNatural (like the one below),
- C6 Grand Sport edition.

Ofcourse I also owned Corvettes myself: I am the proud owner of a Polo Green II 1993 ZR-1 and before that I owned a Millennium Yellow 2004 convertible automatic, a '00 Torch Red coupe and a yellow '86 coupe.

Please enjoy the ever growing collection of rare Corvettes and prototypes I collected here for you.

Mario van Ginneken

Callaway Supernatural

Here are some sites for my Dutch readers is realy liked to use to get my drivers license
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rijbewijs b halen
auto theorieboek
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