I bought a 2004 Millennium Yellow convertible!

This beautiful convertible was originally sold to it's first owner on April 12 of 2004 in Wytheville, Virginia. This makes it the last C5 model, since the C6 was introduced in 2005. On August 21st of 2007, the car was sold by it's first owner with 19.403 miles on it's odometer. This is the only registration in the United States, so I guess the car got to Classics and Roadsters in Millers Creek, North Carolina, who put it up for sale. On August the 29th of 2009 -at Corvettes at Carlisle in Pennsylvania USA- I found this car and by then it had 21.191 miles on it. A lot of the collected miles were from the trip from Millers Creek to Carlisle, being 420 miles. After some bumps in the road (turning Euro's into Dollars is not as easy as it seems) I could close the deal with the very nice guy that was selling this car and this beauty was mine!

Added 1957 Airbox Corvette

Added the 1957 Airbox Corvette. These cars were equipped with both (Regular Production Option) RPO684 which included the heavy duty brakes and suspension, and RPO579E, which included an airbox which increased horsepower by capturing cooler, higher density air, forcing it to the fuel injectors; and additional hosing ducts to cool the rear brakes to restrain the performance when necessary.

Updated Callaway TT, SNAT and C12

I updated the text with the Twin Turbo, the SuperNatural and the C12.

Moved some cars

Because the old website did not have the different groups ("Prototypes by others" etc.), there were some cars that were in the original group "Prototypes by GM". Cars like the Moray and the Rondine did not belong there, because they were not created by GM. I moved these cars to the correct group.

Added all Pace Cars

Added pictures and info on all the Indy 500 Pace Cars.

Added info on 3 Corvettes


- 1961 Vignale
- 1969 Baldwin Motion Phase III
- 1979 Caballista Corvette

These cars were already on the site, but without info. Today, I added info and pictures.

Pace Cars added

Added „Pace Cars” topic. Also added Callaway C7 and Callaway LM.

Added ZR-1 text and 1996 Grand Sport

Added 1996 Grand Sport article and pictures and the 1990 ZR-1 story. I also moved the Callaway Twin Turbo to „Specials by GM”, since it was an official factory option.