Added the ZR-1 Spyder

Added the ZR-1 Spyder, a GM and ASC collaboration.

Renamed 4 seater XP-720 to XP-796

Mark Dobrowolski sent me this message:

"Was looking thru your Corvette prototypes section- you have 2 cars labeled as 'XP-720'. I have been compiling all GM XP code cars for a few years now, and in material provided to me by a friend who had access to GM archives, the 4-passenger '63-style Corvette prototype was XP-796. I cannot verify this to you..., but the idea that 2 very different Corvettes had the same XP number would be HIGHLY uncommon practice."

Of course he's right, two prototypes can't have the same XP number. Since I myself had two references to this car, but none with XP numbers, I renamed the 4-seater to XP-796.

Thanks Mark!

Added more pictures to Tom Falconer's XP-897 Rotary Corvette

Added more pictures to Tom Falconer's XP-897.

Added Tom Falconer's EX4607

Added Tom Falconer's EX4607 C4, a testing platform for the 1988 C4.

Added the 1964 Cheetah

Added the Bill Thomas Cheetah, a Cobra killer that never was.

Added Corvette America, Specter GTR, Greenwood Sportwagon, Knudsen Corvettes

New Corvettes added to the website:

- 1963 Knudsen Corvette
- 1975 Greenwood Sportwagon
- 1978 Corvette America, a 4 door family Vette
- 2008 Specter GTR C6

Added text to Tiger Shark, Callaway C16

Added text to existing pages:
- 2004 Tiger Shark (and moved it to "Specials by GM", since they built the car)
- 2006 Callaway C16, merged C16 and C16 convertible together

Added "search website" option

With the help of a specialised Google search function I added a site wide search function.

100th special Corvette on this site!

With the 2009 SV9 Competizione, this website has collected info and pictures on 100 different remarkable Corvettes!

Added 2009 SV9 Competizione

Added new car: 2009 Competizione, thanks to Wayne Ellwood for his info!

This is the 100th special Corvette in this website!