Additional info in the XP-898's monocoque body

From Paul Villforth I received valuable info on XP-898's unique body structure:

Hi Mario,

The XP-898 was not built on the chassis of any car. It used components from the Vega, but the chassis and the body were one complete unit; there was no separate steel or metal chassis. There were metal attachment plates that were enclosed in the body material (as a sandwich). The XP-898 body supported all the functions of the chassis that you might find under a Corvette or any body-on-frame vehicle. In a sense the XP-898 was a monocoque sandwich.

Paul Villforth

I updated the info on the XP-898. Thanks Paul!

News on the XP-87

Peter Brock was working for studio boss Bob Veryzer when the Stingray Racer (XP-87) was developed. He was so kind to provide me his memories about this period. I incorporated them in the article about this car.