2008 Specter Werkes GTR
While we have seen dozens of different kinds of Mustangs over the past years, Corvette has been content with just adding in the ZR1. So when the good men and women at Specter Werkes brought us the Corvette GTR, it made more than an few heads turn.
The Corvette GTR started life as a run-o-the mill 2008 Corvette Z06, if there is such a thing. From there, the stance was widened by 4 and one half inches and the body panels were redone to very precise specifications. In the end, the only pieces left that were recognizable from the original Z06 were the roof panel, rear hatch assembly and the glass pieces.

Of course there is plenty of power to back up the aggressive styling. There are several different performance levels available with the first being based off of the standard Z06. It is good for 535 horsepower and 530ft/lbs of torque to the 6-speed close ratio gearbox.

The body kit costs a total of $35,000 and can be fitted onto any C6 model you so deem worthy. The first example of the Corvette GTR will be going to Rollie Purifoy, owner of Purifoy Chevrolet in Fort Lupton, Colorado. He was on site for the revealing of the new Corvette and I'm sure has had some very fun moments since then.

"The GTR's design sharpens and embellishes many of the Corvette's design cues, but doesn't eliminate them," said Jeff Nowicki, founder of Specter Werkes/Sports. "It is a design that respects and celebrates the Corvette's design heritage, but builds on it to suit the interest of our customers - enthusiasts who are looking for a unique and exclusive product."

The Corvette is an American icon in my opinion and it is really hard to improve upon what GM has put out. However, I will call the Corvette GTR a complete success on the part of Specter Werkes/Sports.

Text: inventorspot.com