1998 Callaway C12

1997 brought the newest model of the Corvette, the C5. With that, in 1998, Callaway debuted their latest model called the C12 at the New York Auto Show. With a distinctive body and wide stance, this Callaway shared little with the Corvette it was built upon. Measuring two meters wide and powered by various naturally aspirated engines, the C12 was not only beautiful to look at but was competitive to boot.

The C12’s styling once again was handled by Paul Deutschman and was molded in lightweight carbon fiber. In addition to the C12, Callaway also offers a product line for the current Corvette including, top end packages, exhaust, brakes, and interior enhancements.

For Europeans: notice the Opel Tigra tail lights? ;-)

There were 19 Callaway C12's built.