2009 SV9 Competizione

Italian Exotics have left an indelible mark on the automotive world, serving as the benchmark for styling and performance excellence. Yet, for the vast majority of auto enthusiasts, owning an Italian exotic remains out of reach due to their prohibited expensive purchase price and cost of maintenance.

At the same time, the automotive press has consistently recognized the character and quality of the C6 generation Corvette and have often included it in their lists of among the best sports cars in the world. Its only detraction is the usual note that its great value for money is achieved at the cost of its somewhat bland styling, its reliance on fiberglass bodywork and its less that satisfying interior.

What if the essence of Italian design, technology and style could be refined into a new automobile at a price point within the reach of the regular car enthusiast? SV Holdings, Inc. saw this opportunity and decided to do something about it. They called upon the services of over twenty top automotive designers, component suppliers and fabricators to discuss a plan to bring the vision of an affordable challenger to the benchmark set by leading Italian exotics to reality. On November 3, 2008 the team was assembled in San Francisco, site of SV's operational headquarters, to discuss both the substance and process.

And so it was that on the 4th of July 2009, the public first came to see the fruit of their labor posted on the company website, and on the anniversary of their first meeting, the SV Motor Company presented its initial offering, the SV 9 Competizione, at SEMA in Las Vegas.

Text: Wayne Ellwood