1979 Turbo Corvette

This prototype is a 1979 turbocharged Corvette built by GM. It featured a L82, 350 ci V8 engine, AiResearch turbo charger and a modified Cadillac fuel injection system.

Engine: Production Corvette RPO L-82 350 in3 (5.7 L) with LM-1 camshaft. Standard internal engine components.

Turbocharger: AiResearch model T-3 with integral exhaust waste gate which regulates intake manifold pressure to 7 PSI. Turbocharger mounted directly to right hand modified cast iron manifold.

Induction System: Modified G.M. throttle body injection (T.B.I.) with closed loop electronic air/fuel control. Fuel injected into dual-plane intake manifold. Air throttle vlave located at turbocharger compressor inlet.

Exhaust System: Standard 1979 dual exhaust with single resonator replacing converter.

Transmission: Standard 3-speed automatic transmission.

Rear Axle: Production 3.55:1 rear axle with limited slip differential.

Wheels/Tires: P255/60 R 16 Goodyear Eagle GT tires mounted on 15" x 8 1/2" aluminum wheels.

Vehicle Weight: Front 1720 pounds, Rear 1775 pounds

Colors: Special "Firefrost Silver" paint with external graphics and internal decor by Chevrolet Design Staff. RPO D 75 front air deflector and D 80 rear deck lid spoiler.

Additional References: Hot Rod Magazine, June 1979, "A Factory Fuelie - The '79 Turbo Vette, by C.J. Baker".